Mercedes-Benz Service Partner

Service of the highest quality for your Mercedes

Whether A-Class or X-Class, whether Citan, Sprinter or Actros, with us you get everything from a single source.
Maintaining, caring for, or repairing: the range of services offered by our Mercedes-Benz service workshop keeps your Mercedes in optimal condition – or restores it, with perfect craftsmanship and with as little effort as possible. And with a guarantee.

The best service quality for our customers is what drives us. Our particular experience as a vehicle manufacturer and our specialization in service make us the ideal partner for you and your vehicle.

IVECO authorized workshop

Service of the highest quality for your IVECO

Whether you need a van, truck or bus, you can get everything from us from a single source. Maintaining, caring for, repairing: The range of services offered by our IVECO authorized workshop keeps your vehicle in optimal condition – or restores it, in professional perfection, with as little effort as possible. And with a guarantee.

Your support of the highest quality is what drives us. Our particular experience as a manufacturer and service specialist for your IVECO makes us the ideal partner for you. We look after you at all times with our knowledge and skills – and our full attention.

Do you need personal advice?

We are here for you! Feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Hydraulic service

Making hydraulic hoses – Seal hydraulic cylinder

We specialize in commercial vehicle hydraulics and offer you a wide range
Hydraulic technology and pneumatics such as hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pistons, sockets, press nipples and other hydraulic components.

At your request, we manufacture hydraulic hoses of all lengths and thicknesses in our company, as well as with the most diverse screw connections according to your specifications.
We reseal your hydraulic cylinders, check them for leaks and function and repair them.

Crane service

We offer innovative solutions for your requirements

With our qualified specialist staff, we offer you comprehensive support – before and after the vehicle is assembled. Solutions for seamless loading and transport logistics. This is how we meet the challenges of the transport and logistics market.

With us you get the complete service:

Service intervals (inspection), repairs for your product, UVV testing, planning, instruction and much more.

Size of the blasting hall: 18 meters long and 5.5 meters wide

State-of-the-art blasting technology for the best results

The right blasting agent is crucial for a perfect result. Choosing the ideal blasting agent is a key factor in ensuring success. Sandblasting is used to remove coarse and loose dirt from surfaces, as well as existing paint residue and rust particles.

Basically, the more resistant the blasting agent, the faster and more intense the roughening effect. Therefore, the granules are available in different hardnesses – usually determined according to the Mohs scale – and numerous grain sizes and shapes. Every surface offers different requirements.

Spray galvanizing

with the arc spray system from OSU-Hessler

Spray galvanizing is a variant of flame spraying, in which a zinc wire is melted by an electric arc and then atomized by compressed air and applied to the workpiece. The zinc, which is still liquid, forms a porous layer on the workpiece that has been pre-treated by sandblasting, which has corrosion protection properties similar to those produced by hot-dip galvanizing. This layer is very absorbent due to the high inner surface.

For subsequent painting, unusually large quantities of primer or filler are therefore required. The advantages of the process compared to hot-dip galvanizing are that the thermal load on the workpiece is very low and warping can be ruled out even with large areas.

DEKRA base

Legal exams and more

As a DEKRA test base, we offer you three fixed test dates for the main inspection every week. The test engineers are there for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 p.m. As a recognized AU operation, we carry out the exhaust gas test for you in advance!

The experts from DEKRA are of course also available for damage reports, entries, gas tests, crane tests, full reports (§ 21 StVZO), change approvals (§ 19 StVZO) and other approvals. Appointments outside the fixed test times are usually not a problem after prior agreement.

Tachograph check

We risk more than one look

With the Mercedes-Benz tachograph check you are always up to date. Because your carefree journey is what drives us.

Regularly: We carry out the two-year check of your analogue or digital tachograph professionally, easily and quickly.

Scheduled: After every installation and every repair of the tachograph or control device system as well as after every change in the number of turns or distance impulses, we are available for individual appointments.

Anytime: Checks are also mandatory when changing the effective tire circumference and when the UTC time deviates from the correct time by more than 20 minutes. Just get in touch with us – we are happy to be there for you.

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