Quality is our store sign

The business activities of our dealership are committed to long-termed and continuous business relationships. You and your vehicle are in our centre of attention. The quality of products and services always coins our daily acting.

In connection with the series of standards EN ISO 9000 certain regulations were created which document the principles of measures for quality management.
They form a coherent framework of standards for quality management systems which shall simplify mutual understanding on a national and international level. In terms of a continuous improvement, the quality management system is permanently evolving. The main focus of activities is on the zero defect strategy with preventive measures in order to minimize the probability of occurring errors.

Quality management systems are not product-oriented and so they are individually configured depending on the branch and on the specific products and/or services as well as on contracts with customers.

The successful leading and operating of an organization requires that it is managed and controlled in a systematic and precise way. A road to success can be the introduction and maintenance of a management system which is geared to permanent performance-enhancing in consideration of the requirements of all interested parties.
Apart from other management disciplines the leading and management of an organization also includes quality management.

A quality management standard describes which requirements the management system has to satisfy for corresponding to a certain standard during the realization of the quality management. It can be informative for the realization inside of a company as well as it can be important for the proof of certain standards towards third parties.
The proof is provided via a certification process in connection with a following writing out of a time-limited certification by independent certification centres such as DEKRA or TÜV.

PDF - DIN EN ISO 9901 certificate

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2013 annual turnover of 30 million euros is achieved

The number of employees edges up to 65 employees by now. Thanks to the excellent year of business, the targeted annual turnover of 30 million euros were topped.

2012 Tobias Ebert strengthes the team

Tobias Ebert (Bachelor of engineering, construction of special purpose and utility vehicles, Master of Science) joins the family concern and becomes head of the department concerning vehicle construction. He brings the segment of purchase and selling of construction machinery into being.

In 2011 the staff edges up to 53 employees. On top of that, a annual turnover of 25,5 million euros is achieved.

2009 Completion of vehicle cunstruction hall

The modern production hall for vehicle and body construction is completed. The most innovative and biggest paint shop in the East of Hesse with the most modern sand blasting equipment including spray-galvanizing is housed here.
The terrain extends to a size of 35.000qm, the workshop grows to 4.550qm.
The number of employees edges up to 32 employees.

2009 New car wash system

Enhancement of an own car wash with a high requirements specification, whether passenger car or transporter. The opening of the high quality Christ-car wash system with felxible brushes and textile washing is rounded off by a washday on 29th of August in 2009.

2009 “XL service for transporters”

Our “ad AUTO DIENST” and “ad truckdrive” is expanded through a further add-on modul called “XL service for transporters”.
Transporters are not only larger passenger cars. They vary in lots of details.

Therefore, specialists are required in this case. Your transporter is serviced excellently and can be repaired quickly after a breakdown. Because time means cash, especially in the transporter business.

2009 Partner of KS-Autoglas

We as a partner of KS-Autoglas Burghaun-Gruben cooperate with all leading insurance companies. A fast and simple regulation with the insurance companies. Replacement of the window with high quality is our rating. We insure high quality and as a KS-Autoglas specialist we only use windows in initial equipment quality.

2008 Sebastian Ebert strengthes the team

The eldest son Sebastian Ebert (vehicle technician and graduate in business management) joins the family concern and is responsible for the purchase and sale of utility vehicles. He deals with the sales management of passenger cars, transporters and utility vehicles.

2006 Contractual partner of ad truckdrive

The quality standards with regard to trucks are defined clearly by “ad truckdrive” through performance with profile for all machines from other manufacturers, such as Volvo, IVECO, MAN and lots of other makes.
The performance with profile is the personal care, conducting of emission testing, general inspection and safety test, modern workshop equipment, constand trained mechanics, cheap spare parts and attachments in initial equipment quality.

2006 The Cardealership Stefan Ebert offers 10 years fascination

Uncounted highlights onstage the Show-Truck of “Fulda-Reifen” fill the audience with enthusiasm. The magician Gerrit, the fashion show by “Modetreff Andrea”, regional dance groups and a great fitness show by Galileo from Hünfeld appear on the stage.

2004 Authorized partner of Mercedes-Benz

Since 2004, the company “Stefan Ebert GmbH” is contractual partner of the Daimler-Benz AG as authorized repair shop for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, Mercedes-Benz transporters and Mercedes-Benz utility vehicles.
The quality standard “certification DIN ISO 9001: 2008” is established in the concern.

Moreover, our firm as a partner of ad AUTO DIENST passes the international seal of quality competition with the award “recommended automotive concern”.

2002 Low-loading vehicles by Ebert – changed building technique

All low-loading vehicles by Ebert are changed over to a monocoque, frameless building technique which has proved itself and which is still a best seller today as ST- series.

1996 DEKRA support base

A broad range of service is completed by the DEKRA support base.
Of course, the technical experts from DEKRA are at yours disposal concerning investigations of damages, registrations, gas checks, crane checks, complete survey report (§ 21 Road Traffic Licensing Regulations), acceptance procedures (§ 19 Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) and other acceptances.
Appointments outside of the fixed test dates are normally no problem as well according to prior agreement./p>

1996 Extended range of services

Stefan Ebert becomes partner of “ad AUTO DIENST” which is the multibrand repair shop with quality and low price. We are a master company, which works with modern technique and whose employees are trained well.
In order to that, you should know our code of honour:

  • We really test accurately
  • We only repair if it it necessary
  • We only use spare parts in high-quality

The range of services is clearly defined. ad AUTO DIENST is your repair shop for any eventuality. Whether service or repair, advice or buying a vehicle – you can count on the know-how of an versed master company in connection with the Europe-wide leading ad-International-workshop group.

1996 New building in Burghaun-Gruben

The enterprise settles to Burghaun-Gruben and trades under the name of “Autohaus Stefan Ebert GmbH”. On a 10.000qm area with repair shop (880qm), 22 workplaces were created (passenger car-, transporter- and truck-sector). The costs for the new building comes to 6,6 Mio DM (3,4 Mio€).

The offering grows by the sale of EU-new cars, a half year old and one year-old cars, official cars or leasing-returns, pre-owned vehicles and also utility vehicles.
An 24-hour emergency and breakdown service, a car rental and a DEKRA support base complete the broad range of services.

1994 In-house production of forestry-special purpose trailers

Special purpose trailers are manufactured according to the plans and drawings of Stefan Ebert in Wertheim.

1992 Renovation of the repair shop

Modernizations of the repair shop were carried out (new gates, lifting platforms, tiles etc.). Furthermore, the company grows in connection with an own exhibition area in Rückers.

1991 Business expansion

Beside the education of two children, Silvia Ebert supports the business expansion actively by the entire office organization. Stefan and Silvia Ebert do 1,2 Mio worth of business on 3.100qm big premises.

1989 Company foundation in Hünfeld-Rückers

With the opening of a car workshop ,,Am Knottenberg 6″ in Rückers, Stefan Ebert lays the foundation stone for the firm Stefan Ebert GmbH in Burghaun-Gruben, but only as a sideline for the moment.
The double garage functions as a workshop. Later, the dealing with new and used vehicles begins. Stefan and Silvia Ebert are the only two workers.