Accident repair

Accident repairs from professionals

on your car, van, truck and commercial vehicle

In the event of an accident or damage to your car, van or truck, our experienced and competent specialists are at your side. Being in an accident does not mean that the vehicle has to become a typical salvage vehicle.
We repair your car so that it not only looks like new, but also handles and is safe like an accident-free car. We follow the exact manufacturer’s specifications and only use original spare parts.
We vouch for flawless performance.

Our employees in our specialist company are specially trained for complex repair measures.
With us, you receive all bodywork services from a single source.

Dent removal without painting

with a lot of feeling and the latest technology

We repair small parking bumps or hail damage inexpensively with professional technology, without sanding, filling or painting being necessary. The result is a smooth surface in the original paint.

Straightening bench work in the car sector

We rely on Cellete for straightening work in the car sector and on Cellete and Josam for trucks

After accidents in which the frame profiles of the vehicle are bent, the body has to be straightened with a straightening bench. A modern straightening bench is like the heart of a modern body shop. Due to the different mounting options for the measuring attachments, our straightening bench can be used for different vehicle types.

Wheel alignment in 3D

High-resolution Hunter digital cameras for accurate surveying

Axles ensure contact with the road. Therefore, the correct adjustment of the axles is vital.

The HaekEye high-resolution digital camera wheel alignment works with patented technology and offers the workshop optimal adjustment precision. WinAlign wheel alignment software includes the largest database of vehicle information making accurate alignment possible.

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