features TLS 43 ATV

  • ABS
  • HU/AU new
  • 2 axes

basic price

133.890,- €

159.329,10 € gross
VAT. identificationable

  • underride guard
  • rentable
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permitted saddle sores 19.000 kg
permitted axle pressure 24.000 kg
permitted total weight 43.000 kg
empty weight of DIN ca. 12.500 kg
drop-centre length i.L.: ca. 6.650 mm + 4.000 mm
axis-table length 2.700 mm
outer width 2.550 mm
sill/drop-centre ca. 200 mm – 350 mm
translation stage 500 m
broadening/drop-centre to 3.050 mm
drop-centre/telescopic um 4.000 mm
B-degree; 12.000 mm
  • complete vehicle with spray galvanising
  • with epoxy resin primer and 2K-painting
  • excess width signage in the front and the back with red/white tables
  • tyres: 9x Michelin 245 / 70 R 17.5 X MULTI T VB 143J/146F
  • steering: TRIDEC DLS with Tritronic
  • axes: 12.000 kg – DLS independent suspension hydraulical steered, hydraulic suspension, loft bed ahead
  • In the corners left and right, doors from the outside reachable
  • storage box with covers behind the front wall, height: 600mm
  • wide: 2.480 mm
  • depth: 7.500 mm
  • spare wheel of the loft bed
  • beyond the dividing wall right
  • stairs on the right side toget from the drop-centre to the loft bed
  • hydraulic clutch for the disconnect on the left side sixfold multifibre coupling
  • 6 lashing points, 3.000 kg execution outside of the loft bed
  • 2 lashing points 5.000 kg execution on top


  • climb assist on the outrigger
  • drop-centre 4.000 mm telescopic and every 500 mm lockable
  • with sliding table
  • every 250 mm lockable
  • 28 lashing points 10.000 kg execution outside in the outer frame
  • 24 tubes 90×90
  • evenly distributed for the drop-centre on 3050 mm
  • between the thrust pipes will be placed 50 mm hardwood-blanks
  • 10mm overhang

loft bed behind:

  • loft bed in the front slanting and perforated
  • for the upgrade from ramps
  • trought adapters galvanised
  • at the rear platform inclusion profil (Altec) – C – rails
  • 6 lashing points 10.000 kg execution outside an the loft bed
  • 6 lashing points 5.000 kg execution in the excavator recess
  • 8 lashing points 5.000 kg execution at overwidth in the outer frame
  • closure of the excavator recess at the front and the back with a wood base plate


  • NATO spiral usage
  • Energie kommt vom towing vehicle
  • rotating beacon on the rear in the center
  • side lights in LED-execution
  • Standard rear light upright (LC5)
  • headlights on the loft bed
  • for the lighting of the drop-centre
  • uncoupling: sensor for security and pressure switch for the suspension


  • aluminium air tank 60l (2x 10l, 2x 20l)
  • TEBS modulator
  • locking extract left and right (valva on the side in the loftbed)
  • double release valve

hydraulic system:

  • hydraulic system on the loft bed for steering
  • suspension and detachable swan neck
  • 2x 4 pieces wooden planks as circulation broadening drop-centre
  • 2 pieces chocks for the disconnecting
  • 4 pieces chocks

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