With the guarantee package you are protected from unexpected repair costs up to ten years, also at the end of the two-year-old warranties for defects respectively the new vehicle guarantee. You can conclude the guarantee package within the first 24 months after registration date for the third as well as the fourth year.
At the end of that period, you have the option to conclude the guarantee package for every additional year.
The precondition is that your vehicle drove at most 200.000 kilometres.

You secure diverse performances and advantages by the guarantee package:

  • You are protected from unexpected repair costs
  • The guarantee package includes 100% of the costs of service-wages and spare parts (from 100.000km with a low customer share for material)
  • It can be claimed at any authorized Mercedes-Benz partner in Europe
  • The value of your Mercedes will be secured, for this reason you take an exclusive advantage at resale
  • The guarantee-package is bound to the vehicle – the performance advantages will be transferred to the new vehicle owner at sale

You receive performances in Mercedes-Benz quality by the guarantee-package – with low contributions. If you have any questions about details or further advantages, don’t hesitate to call!
* In accordance with the conditions of guarantee of the guarantee package

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