After an accident every second counts for rescuing the passengers. Therefore, Daimler as the first car manufacturer found a possibility by a little but effective innovation for providing rescue services on the scene of an accident with security-relevant information quickly: the rescue-stickers. The current rescue card of the vehicle is indicated through the scanning of the QR-Code on the sticker with the aid of a smart phone or tablet. As a consequence, rescue services can immediately see where airbags, batteries, tanks, electric cables, impression cylinders and construction elements which maybe critical for rescue are arranged. Rescue services on the scene of an accident have a decisive temporal advantage by this simple but important reform. Thanks to the QR-Code they can react faster. Finally, in case of emergency these rescue-stickers can help to save lives.

The QR-code-rescue-stickers can be reconditioned easily and are available at our place for Mercedes-Benz cars since year of construction 1990. They are fixed in the fuel cap and on the opposite B-pillar in the vehicles. Starting with the new S-Class, all new passenger cars are equipped serially with the rescue-sticker in the meanwhile.

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